Frequently Asked Questions

1 . Are there any questions I shouldn’t ask?

A: Generally speaking, there isn’t anything that you cannot ask or a question you should avoid. As the saying goes: there is no such thing as a stupid question. However, if you feel a question you have in mind might be too sensitive or potentially asking for personal information, consider the context of who will be answering said question before bringing it up.

In addition, whoever is answering has the option to pass on the question or respond with “I’d rather not say”.

2 . Is asking random questions a good icebreaker?

A: Yes! In fact, aside from asking random questions directly, another great idea for an icebreaker is asking hypothetical ‘Would You Rather' questions. It is a great way to generate conversation within your group and get people thinking. Furthermore,  'Would You Rather' is one of many games available on Brightful.

If you are looking for more icebreaker ideas other than question-guided ones, check out our list of icebreaker games.

3 . Would I need to give serious answers to questions? Could I make up an answer?

A: Unless it's a hypothetical question or a question that is aimed at producing funny, outlandish, or creative responses, you should ideally keep your answers as realistic as possible.

4 . What if I can’t think of anything good as an answer?

A: Just like there is no such thing as a bad question, there is no such thing as a bad answer. Even if it's brief or not the first thing you can think of, any answer is fine!

If you really are stumped and cannot think of anything, you can ask to pass on the question or ask for the group to come back to you when you have thought of something to serve as your answer.

5 .  If I were to ask questions as an icebreaker, how long should I run it for?

A: You ideally should have a minimum of two questions prepared to serve as your icebreaker before you move forward with your agenda: you don’t want it to be too short but at the same time, not make the questions the focal point of your meeting.

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